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What is Food Poisoning? Its Symptoms, Causes, Ayurvedic Overview

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What is food poisoning?

Food poisoning is very common condition that affects millions of people throughout the globe. People that are suffering with this health condition experience vomiting, diarrhoea and killing abdominal cramps along with the inflammation of stomach and intestinal linning. It is result of eating or accumulation of contaminated, spoiled and toxic food in the gut. If this situation is not control over couple of days and symptoms become more worsen like associate fever and stools with fresh bleeding than it is time to worry and you need to consult a doctor immediately. 

What is Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning is a food borne disease. Indigested food in the gut contains harmful toxins, chemicals and infectious micro-organisms that causes health hazardous effects in body. Major symptoms of this disease is only associated with the gastro-intestinal tract but in some cases kidneys, brain and muscles are also affected. Basically food borne diseases results in diarrhoea and vomiting and both these conditions are responsible for dehydration and imbalance of electrolytes in body. Mostly the micro-organisms that are responsible to cause this disease are- 

  • norovirus 
  • camplyobacter 
  • staphylococcus aureus 
  • clostridium perfrigens 
  • salmonella

Symptoms – 

Affected person may experience- 

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • fever 
  • abdominal cramps 
  • headache
  • chills 
  • muscle aches 
  • weakness
  • bloating and flatus 

Life threating symptoms of food poisoning may include- 

  • persistent diarrhoea and vomiting for three days or more 
  • high grade fever 
  • difficulty in vision and speech 
  • severe dehydration, dry mouth 
  • absence of urine 
  • bloody urine passage 

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Causes of Food Poisoning- 

Basically there are three types of micro-organisms that causes food poisoning. 

  1. Bacteria is the first and prevalent reason that causes food poisoning in major cases. E.coli, listeria and salmonella are the common bacteria’s that causes food poisoning. 
  2. Parasites– food poisoning caused by parasites is not as common as the food poisoning caused by bacteria but still this type of food poisoning is very dangerous. Toxoplasma is very common parasite that is responsible for causing this type of poisoning. 
  3. Viruses are also one another cause of food poisoning. Norovirus is the one major virus that causes food borne illness. 

Pathogens are available in every food material that eat. So it is very necessary to cook and wash every food item properly. If food is properly cooked over heat it help to kill almost all the pathogens. Meats, eggs and dairy products are foods that are more prone to cause food borne illness. 

Anyone suffer with disease, it is auto-immune disorder and people with weakened immune system are the major target of this disease.  

Ayurvedic Overview of Food Poisoning- 

According to Ayurveda visuhika and alsaka is compared with food poisoning. Major cause of this problem in Ayurveda is dushit ahara and vihara (unhygienic food and conditions). Most common lakshana (symptoms) are- 

  • aruchi(nausea)
  • apachan (indigestion)
  • chardi (vomiting)
  • shiroshool(headache)
  • uadrshool(stomach ache)
  • daurblya (weakness)
  • jwara(fever)
  • mukhshosh (dry mouth)
  • bhrama (dizziness)
  • atisara (diarrhoea)

Mostly lakshana start after the seven or eight hours eating of contaminated food and water. It may too mild to severe depending upon the immunity of the person. After eating contaminated food and water our digestive fire disturb and result in vitiation of tridoshas- vata, pitta and kapha. It result in the production of ama (toxins) in the gut and causes food poisoning. 

According to Ayurveda virudha ahara is another concept that is associated with food allergies and food poisoning. There are different type of virudh ahara that is described in Ayurveda- 

  1. desh virudha (place incompatibility)- extreme sharp and hot foods in arid climates  , cold and unctuous foods in marshy places are responsible for causing food poisoning and food allergies. 
  2. kala virudha (time incompatibility)– eating extremely cold and dry foods in cold seasons and spicy and hot foods in hot seasons. 
  3. agnivirudha (digestion incompatibility)- eating heavy and oily foods in low digestive fire.
  4. matra virudha(dose incompatibility)- for example eating desi ghee and honey in equal quantities. 
  5. satmya virudha (habit incompatibility)- for example if a person is eating highly spicy and oily food with soft gut. 
  6. dosha virudha foods that aggravates any one dosha out of three in body. 
  7. sanskara virudha (process incompatibility)- due to improper cooking of food for example cooking of pigeon in mustard oil. 
  8. veerya virudha (potency incompatibility)- eating food material of same potency. 
  9. koshtha virudha (gut incompatibility)- foods that are not suitable for our stomach. 
  10. avastha virudha (condition incomptibilty)- no suitable for the person for example consumption of dry foods for extreme thirsty person. 

Herbs available at suyogya ayurwellness to cure food poisoning- 

Natural herbs are the only way to cure or reverse the food poisoning. Nature has serve us with numerous herbs that help to cure this health condition naturally without any side effects. Best herbs used to cure food poisoning are- 

  1. giloy – giloy is the best anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory herb of Ayurveda that help to stimulate our immune system. Regular use of this herb help to strengthen our immune system and it help to expel out harmful toxins from the body and gut that are responsible to cause food poisoning.  
  2. ashwagandha – ashwagandha is the another anti-oxidant herb of Ayurveda and this herb help to fight against toxins, free radicals and chemicals released in gut by contaminated food and water. Regular use of this herb help reduce the stress and anxiety caused by food poisoning in infected person. 
  3. haritaki – regular use of haritaki help to stimulate our digestive fire and it help to improve our metabolism. It help to improve peristaltic movements of food in the gut and maintain the over health of our gastro-intestinal system. Regular use of this herb also help to fight against various gastro related troubles like constipation, flatus, bloating and ulcers. 
  4. amla– amla is richest source of vitamin c and also immunity booster herb of Ayurveda. It help to heal dehydration and also good to maintain the proper balance of electrolytes in body. Regular use of this herb help to improve our immunity and improve our natural strength to fight against toxins and harmful radicals released by contaminated food in body. 
  5. pippali – pippali is very efficient herb of Ayurveda that help to light up our digestive system and metabolism. Regular use of this herb help to improve our digestion and it help to fight against numerous gastric troubles. 
  6. Turmeric– turmeric is best anti-inflammatory herb of Ayurveda. Regular use of this herb help to heal the inflammation of intestinal and stomach lining caused by contaminated food in body. It also help to cure the internal bleeding in food poisoning and give natural and satisfactory relief. 

All the above mentioned herbs are available at our suyogya ayurwellness. Regular use of these herbs help to sooth and calm your upset stomach without any side effects. Regular use of these herbs improve our immunity and help to maintain the overall health of gastro-intestinal tract.

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