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Know Suyogya Team


Dr. Satish Jerath

With might of family traditional medical practice and business, armed with G.A.M.S. degree from the renowned Dayanand Ayurvedic College Jalandhar in ayurveda , since 1972, under the aegis of his respected father Dr.Purushottam Lal Jerath and respected mother Dr.Prem Raani Jerath. Dr.Satish Jerath is experienced medical practitioner who diagnoses, assesses the  conditions of ailing patients as per prescribed ayurved parameters, edicts and procedures and formulates/devises the treatments for relief and cure to patients without side effects.

In leisure times he loves exploring and researching more vistas of ayurveda for the betterment of humanity. Besides this he is an avid reader, lover of Indian classical music and old Indian film music. Being a grandfather of two kids he never leaves a chance to become a child.

Dr. Shallu Jerath

Since her childhood she was influenced with home remedies that her mother used to prepare from herbal kitchen condiments and natural herbs to treat basic ailments like fever ,common cough cold and pain. This influenced her to pursue a medical career in ayurveda. She pursued her B.A.M.S degree from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences. Her authentic knowledge of ayurveda impressed Dr. Satish Jerath and he selected her as his daughter-in-law. With degree of B.A.M.S. in hand since 2004, she has earned and gained rich practical experience assisting Dr. Satish  Jerath in clinic since 2006 onwards.

In leisure times she loves to try her hand on indian culinary, interior decoration and gardening. Besides being professionally active she is devoted homemaker.


He is one of the managing director of SUYOGYA AYURWELLNESS Pvt Ltd. Professionally Tanmay is a qualified software developer having an experience with information and technology giant Tech Mahindra for a stint of 3 years. Being entrepreneurial in nature he quitted his job to start his own software development enterprise. But destiny had something else in restore for him and he ended up in SUYOGYA AYURWELLNESS, as elaborated in our story section.

Tanmay is married to a qualified software developer. He loves constantly brushing up his knowledge on ayurveda, ayurvedic treatments & therapies & medicinal plants. Such is his interest in ayurveda that he has enrolled for a diploma course in pharmacy. In his leisure hours he listens to music, goes on long drive and loves to travel.