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Our Story

It all started from an incident, when on one pleasant day a software developer Tanmay from small town of Yamuna nagar was en-routed to Paonta sahib based corporate on a professional agenda. While he was passing through Kaleshwar jungle (also called Kalesar by local folks) on his bike, a bee wasp bit him on his left hand, leading to severe pain & swelling on hand. Holding handle of bike was becoming difficult.  There was no medical help available. Somehow he managed to reach the famous temple there. He parked his bike and went inside to seek help from the priest. Assessing the situation the priest uprooted two three small plants growing as weed, crushed them to small pieces and made a decoction in kitchen. The priest applied decoction on affected hand, followed by bandaging with white cloth. In couple of minutes Tanmay got relief from pain and swelling also started subsiding. Tanmay got impressed with natural treatment readily available. He got inquisitive about the plant from priest, the priest told it was ‘Apamarg’ (Botanical name Achyranthes aspera), which normally grows as weed. Tanmay thanked priest for his help and praised his knowledge of herbs. This incident touched Tanmay so much so that he decided to explore more about medicinal wealth of herbs and render health support to humanity by virtue of natural resources. His keen desire to work in the field of ayurveda led him to start a new enterprise with an authentic team of like minded people. He was fortunate enough to learn & team up with reknowned ayurvedic physicians Dr.Satish Jerath and his daughter in law Dr.Shallu Jerath, who have already set a benchmark in the field of ayurveda, with their exceptional knowledge and services to humanity. Himself being a qualified software professional, Tanmay also utilized all his abilities to create an online platform and named it ‘SUYOGYA AYURWELLNESS’    

Why Suyogya Ayurwellness ?

All products promoted by Suyogya Ayurwellness are certified by relevant regulatories of national and international standards. Due to high efficacy of products, virtually all the ailments are well managed by our products. Best quality, lab tested crude herbs and extracts are used in all the dosage forms, employing knowledge of traditional ayurveda on modern scales. Our strength lies in the faith gained by gifting good healthy to humanity by virtue of our finest range of natural products.